If you are researching Adoption, chances are you’re making life-changing decisions that may have brought up many questions for you and your family.

I would like to help you, whether you are looking to Adopt a child or whether you are looking for help in placing your child with an Adoptive family. Perhaps you are just starting your adoption search, or you already have a child matched with you by a birth parent or an agency, either way I can help you to complete your family, as I have others in the past.

Common types of Adoptions also include Grandparent Adoptions and Step-Parent Adoptions.

Grandparent Adoptions are sought for many reasons. Grandparents are often raising their grandchildren and would like to move forward with legal adoption to gain parental rights and more control over the well-being of their grandchildren. Sometimes the birth parents are deceased, incarcerated, or just not in the picture any longer. We can explore Grandparent Adoption options with you.

Step-Parent Adoptions are available for many of the same reasons. We help a biological parent and their spouse gain parental rights for that step-parent and terminate the parental rights of the other biological parent. Make notes of your questions and contact us to discuss Step-Parent Adoption options.

I went into family law with the desire to help others. I am passionate about educating clients and walking clients through the legal process and getting them involved every step of the way.

I pride myself on my ability to work with clients and identify their goals for their family and then achieving the best result for them through hands-on, informative representation throughout the entire legal process with the passion each client deserves.

For Adoption and all of your family’s legal needs, contact Kimberly V. Wright at The Ashmore Law Firm.

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