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Meet the Wright Divorce Attorney in Dallas

Taking the Drama Out of Soap Opera Situations...especially Divorce and Custody Disputes...through a Team Kid Approach!

Representing Yourself

"Should I represent Myself?"

Child Custody

Modify Child Custody

Just like child support can be modified. Child Custody agreements can change as the child grows older or parents situation changes...

Child Support

Legal Mechanics of Child Support

What you think you know about Child Support CAN hurt you! Find out the specifics and legal mechanics of your specific situation.

Common Law

Common Law Marriage

Common Law Marriage is sometimes a confusing situation. Although you can have a Common Law Marriage there is no such thing as a Common Law Divorce. Some of the interesting things related to Texas Common Law Marriage include:

  1. No Time Limit on Common Law Marriage
  2. If you Live Together can be considered Common Law Marriage.
  3. If you "held yourself out" to be married.
  4. Introduce yourself as husband and wife to other people.

Problems occur if you buy property together like real estate or cars and this property is in the only one person's name then you might find yourself talking to a divorce attorney and having to get a real divorce.

Financial Protection

How Do I Protect Myself Financially

We've talked about Spousal Maintenance or Alimony in a previous video. But why are finances really important...

  1. You may or may not be the person who kept the financial records. If not ... educate yourself about your families situation ... look at bank accounts, retirement accounts, property, taxes, stock accounts, debts or other things that might come into play.
  2. Always talk to a Family Law Attorney before announcing you are thinking about divorce.
  3. Find the best approach and the right time to announce your intentions.
  4. Our goal is to keep as much peace in your family as possible and be prepared for the unexpected.
Divore Mistakes

Top 4 Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

When considering divorce or already in the midst of one ... don't make these mistakes.

  1. Making poor decisions out of panic, guilt or greed.
  2. Not knowing the family's financial situation (debts and assets).
  3. Not following the order(s) of the court.
  4. Lying to your attorney.
Keeping a Journal

Why keep a Journal?

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance

Your Roadmap

Roadmap to Get You to the Right Place

Divorce is hard. With the right legal help you can create a roadmap that will get you and your family to a better place. Start by talking with a Family Law Attorney. They can answer questions specific to your situation and help you plan for today and the future.

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Team Kid

Team Kid

Wills and Porbate

Wills & Probate